- Our Solutions

We are committed to customized Electricity solutions, information technology solutions, business development solutions…We offer flexible and powerful solutions that are fully customized to meet your client’s needs. When we develop a comprehensive strategy for your company, it will be tailored to your unique requirements. With an in-depth analysis of your needs, you can be assured that our solutions will work for your company.

Main supplier trading Est offers an extensive range of Electricity consultancy plus lightning and professional services Start-Up from Business services to Market feasibility studies, Business Plans, Strategy formulation through program, project management, Specialist advisory , development Services, technology solutions, Seminars and Workshops.
We understand that your company and its needs are unique. Our experience and knowledge allows us to design solution that will help you to achieve your specific goals.

We provide a range of implementation and installation services to a broad client base as part of enhanced infrastructure service for Electricity, IT, business development.

We offer a range of support services to suit your company. From Electricity infrastructure maintenance, on-call services, IT services and business development services to design upgrades.

By fully understanding your company and business goals we work with you to provide a high quality for projects management service that ensures our client’s goals are fully understood and that their expectations are well-managed through effective communication